Internet Connected Toys: A New Worry for Parents

Parents have a new worry when it comes to the Internet and their kids…Internet-connected toys. These toys rely on the Internet in some form or another in order to function. But, what makes these toys safe? Are they safe for your children to utilize? This is just a few of the questions that are being asked by parents throughout the world who have purchased these toys for their children.

Security with Internet Connected Toys

Officially, there have been no parents who have found that these toys have been hacked. However, this does not mean that it couldn’t happen. In fact, experts are promising that it will happen. Rapid7 Inc, is a cybersecurity firm that is based in Boston, who has done studies on several of the toys that are coming connected to the internet. Toys that were included in this study included:

  • Fisher Price Smart Toy
  • HereO, a smartwatch that tracks children

In both of the cases, these toys failed to safeguard the information of the children who are playing with these toys. With the hereO, it was found that a child’s location was easily found.

These flaws were reported to the manufacturers of these toys, and they were immediately corrected, which is the good news. However, it brings about concerns about the various other toys on the market that could be endangering children.

What can Parents do?

Luckily, manufacturers are making sure that their toys are now passing these types of tests. However, this goes to show that there are dangers everywhere when it comes to Internet connected toys. It is vital that children be told internet safety rules, and that you are protecting your private connections at home. This may mean utilizing a VPN for all the devices that are accessing the Internet at home for stricter security. However, for these toys, that is not possible, yet.

With tablets and other devices that children may be using, it is possible to get a more secure connection with a VPN. For example, utilizing HideMyAss on your child’s tablet can offer a better sense of protection. However, for the most part, parents need to ensure that they are educating their children on the dangers and they know what type of information they are giving out to the world.