Encryption Issue with Dropbox: Find an Alternative

When looking at your privacy online, one of the largest platforms that people are using these days are those cloud services that allow them to store information such as Dropbox. Dropbox is a huge client for these types of services, and more and more people are using this. The secure Dropbox company is valued at over 10 billion USD currently, and is continuing to grow. One of the attractive features about Dropbox is that it is simple to set up and even easier to use. However, despite this fact, there is still a love/hate relationship with Dropbox that has many people looking for alternatives.

The good news is that there are several encrypted drobox alternatives. All of which are going to help you to either avoid using Dropbox, or they are going to allow you to encrypt Dropbox so that you know your information is safe while it is being stored here.  Dropbox basically holds the information that you give them, the files, folders, and so forth. However, they really do not encrypt this information as much as many people would like, making it simple for someone to gain access to these files.

Your Encrypted Dropbox Alternative

#1: Sync.com

This is a drobox alternative free that is going to be used for those who are using Windows and Mac. They offer 6 GB of storage for free, allowing you to have all the space that you may need.  A few highlights about this service:

  • They utilize a 256 bit AES encryption
  • All passwords are maintained as 2048 bit RSA private keys

#2: Apps for Encryption Protection on Dropbox

There are several apps that you can use that work in conjunction with Dropbox as a method to keep your information private and secure. A few of these apps include:

  • Boxcryptor
  • Viivo

Both of which work with Dropbox to encrypt the files that you choose, allowing you to have more protection on the files that you choose.

#3: Sookasa.com

With this app, you are creating a separate folder in Dropbox or Google drive. All of the information that is placed in this folder is going to be encrypted. This is free for those who are using this for personal use.

Why You Need an Encrypted Dropbox Alternative?

Though Dropbox may be a great invention in terms of storing your information and files online, it is lacking security. We all realize just how important encryption is, especially after seeing the number of attacks that are happening throughout the world. An encrypted file is much harder, if not impossible, for a hacker to get access to. For those who use Dropbox on a professional level, the information that they store needs to be protected, not only for their sake but for the sake of those whom they are working with.

For those who are serious about encryption, these dropbox alternatives and apps that work with Dropbox are the best option that you have. To even further protect yourself while online, consider a VPN to help encrypt your Internet traffic as well. You can never be careful in a time in which online criminals run rampant.