Cyber Threats with IoT Devices: A New Worry

Cyber threats are becoming more common place and IoT devices are not immune to these threats. However, when most people think of the threats that are out there, they are thinking about email hacks, social media hacks, and even ransomware. However, that is just the small list. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced guidelines that are meant to help it IoT devices. These are devices that are connected to the hospital and other health care organizations. These new guidelines showcase just how serious these internet threats are becoming in real life.

FDA Stance on Cyber Threats

The threat that these IoT devices have is not something that is new. Several security experts have warned that certain medical devices such as a heart monitor, or the like, could be hacked by hackers. In the event that this device was hacked it could work improperly, resulting in the death or serious illness of a patient, or it could be used as a catalyst for a hacker to get vital private information on all patients within that medical facility. The FDA has announced:


It can now be said that the FDA is taking a stronger stance on cyber security, as it should have been done when these devices first started entering onto the market.

Guidelines for IoT Devices

The new guidelines for IoT devices can be found via the FDA, here. However, here are a few of the more interesting guidelines:

  1. Each device will have to go through a premarket screening, where changes will need to be implemented if there are problems found.
  2. Each threat needs to be looked at in terms of how vulnerable this makes a person, and the impact that this threat could have on a patient.
  3. When a company has to remedy cybersecurity threats for a device, this process must be documented for reference.

The new guidelines for the IoT devices in the market, are meant to help ensure that each patient who utilizes these are safe. Most patients who are breached or who have a cyber threat, are never aware of this, as it is unlike your home network being breached.

Cyber security is something that every person should be worried about. The number of cyber threats are increasing on a daily basis, with new approaches to attacks being developing throughout the year. For those who are worried about their home network, they can utilize a VPN as a way to protect this even further. The Best VPN Reviews can help in discovering which VPN will fit your home needs.

IoT users will want to ensure that the manufacturer of the device they utilize is taking whatever necessary steps to prevent cyber security. This is something that you will need to talk with your doctor, as well as stay updated on the latest threats to these devices and if you could be compromised. If you have been compromised, be sure that you are taking precautions to safeguard your private information, as well as getting a device that has not been compromised.